MD3i Q1 Release Notes

June 11, 2018

Based on input from users of MD3i and client feedback from current Xtensible projects, the following features are now available within the recent MD3i download.

Southern California Edison and Xtensible to present at EPRI Grid Analytics and Power Quality Conference and Exhibition 2018

May 27, 2018

Xtensible and Southern California Edison recently teamed up to meet requirements of California Rule 21 and produce extensive analytics unconstrained by individual system implementations and business silos. Recognizing that separate projects add in different functional components at varying times, the foundation of this system includes a comprehensive data model that is based on industry standards such as the IEC Common Information Model (CIM) and Geographic Markup Language (GML). This model serves as a common vocabulary for all functional component interfaces for logical and physical models used by both ‘data-in-motion’ (integration) and ‘data-at-rest’ (databases).

Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions