Realizing the potential of analytics for Midwest Energy customers

Every journey starts not necessarily with a step, but with imagination. Using data in new ways can drive efficiency and generate new business insights. Midwest Energy is working to develop a data analytics plan with objectives, initial use cases, organizational responsibilities, tool requirements etc. thereby establishing a foundation for data analytics capabilities as per the Midwest Energy Business Plan for 2023.

Midwest Energy has selected Xtensible to help support them in the start of their journey.  Through a series of training and workshops session Midwest Energy staff will acquire both theoretical and practical information to be able to create a beneficial data analytics plan, including foundational concepts, case studies from industry peers and lessons learnt.

The data analytics plan is ultimately about adding to existing capabilities at Midwest Energy with a focus on expanding insights to be gained from existing and future data sources, predicting what could happen, how to react and even what should be done next for different operational scenarios.

After the initial engagement Midwest Energy will have at its disposal an assessment of current and future desired business analytics maturity, and actionable insights for completing an initial analytics plan to be aligned with a supporting technology roadmap such that Midwest Energy can deliver on their Business Plan.

We are ensuring that Midwest Energy will have actionable insights upon conclusion of the workshop series.

Midwest Energy acts with their mission and vision as an everyday guide, therefore focusing on ensuring that investments made towards realizing the data analytics plan is accomplished in such a way that technical debt is minimized while supporting future innovation.

About Midwest Energy

Midwest Energy is a customer-owned electric and natural gas cooperative, serving 93,000 customers in 40 counties in central and western Kansas.  Their mission is to provide industry-leading energy services for their customers with a focus on safety, reliability, affordability, resilience, and the interests of rural Kansas. Midwest Energy has a vision to build a brighter future for their customer-owners. They value safety, service, stewardship, integrity, innovation, collaboration, and a community focus.

About Xtensible 

Xtensible, is a leading global provider of semantic-based integration and information management consultancy services and products to the utility industry worldwide and is also a driving force behind the development and implementation of open standards, such as CIM, MultiSpeak, OpenFMB, etc., that underpin current and future interoperability initiatives. With offices in the USA and South Africa, Xtensible has served its global client base for 25 years.


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