Xtensible is a driving force behind the development and implementation of international open standards, a foundation for current and future interoperability and technology initiatives.


Often utilities want to move forward with a comprehensive standards-based data management methodology, but do not have the experience or understanding of what it takes to implement information management across people, processes, and their technology landscape. This is where Xtensible provides utility standards training, including how utilities globally have applied them.



Xtensible workshops have helped multiple utilities in defining action plans for short term goals. Our comprehensive workshop framework is also suitable for developing the long-term plan to achieve utility wide strategic goals.

Xtensible conducts re-occurring on-line training sessions, on-demand training, either on-site or remotely, and workshops for:

  • Utility Standards Training
  • Business Capability Planning and Strategy
  • Business Process Development
  • Semantic Modeling
  • Model Driven Services

In electric power transmission and distribution, the Common Information Model (CIM), a standard developed by the electric power industry that has been officially adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), aims to allow exchange of information about an electrical network.



Treat your data as a valuable asset by establishing a common understanding and enterprise data model.

IEC CIM 61970

  • Network Connectivity Model
  • Network Connectivity Model Exchange
  • Control Center
  • MORE…
IEC CIM 61968

  • Meter
  • Asset & Asset Management
  • Network Operations
  • Maintenance & Construction
  • MORE…


CIM Model viewed within Affirma


The Open Field Message Bus™ (OpenFMB™) is part of SGIP’s EnergyIoT™ initiative, bringing IoT and advanced interoperability to the power grid. It is a framework for distributed intelligent nodes interacting with each other through loosely coupled, peer -to-peer messaging for fielded devices and systems at the grid edge. It is simply the application of industrial internet technologies and techniques to enable the smart grid.


With the increase of device communications, there is not only a need to get device information from the field back to operations but an increasing need for devices to communicate with each other.

  • Utilize existing and develop new business use cases
  • Identify data requirements
  • Design integration work with both IT and OT
  • Develop data models based off the OpenFMB Standard
  • Support physical implementation through our software vendor partner

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