BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY CONSULTINGLeveraging our standards leadership and participation with decades of utility industry background, Xtensible offers consulting services for utility enterprise IT and business operations.

Our services establish a strategy and roadmap for a sustained and scalable investment of capabilities across business and IT.

Establishing the building blocks that a program, project or strategy is executed upon is key. Our consultants ensure those building blocks are clearly defined and understood across the organization from both business operations and IT perspectives.

Examples of utility industry consulting that we have performed include:

  • Strategic workshops on utility industry specific trends:
    • Smart grid standards
    • Enterprise architecture
    • Enterprise information management (EIM)
    • Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • Smart grid interoperability strategy
  • Readiness assessments and recommendations
  • Enterprise integration and information management strategic roadmap consulting
  • Utility operational systems and data management consulting
  • Utility strategic asset management and integration consulting
  • Utility customer management and analytics consulting
  • Implementation and integration of utility business operations systems

We have a wide variety of experience in utility specific systems such as: GIS, SCADA, EMS, Outage Management, Customer Services (CIS), AMI, ISO Control Systems and Distribution Management.

Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions