Xtensible enjoys partnerships with industry-recognized service and product providers. We work closely with each partner to maintain a relationship that benefits both our clients and the partner organization, while also accomplishing our strategic and operational goals. Xtensible values these relationships and we readily form new ones with organizations that enrich the industry or contribute to our clients’ success.




Xtensible for over the past two decades has continued to support the IEC CIM User Group and the working groups help to expand the data model include the recent undergoing expansion of DER. Xtensible has been supporting Duke Energy in the development and implementation of its Distributed Intelligence reference architecture since 2015 through the OpenFMB.

Xtensible actively participation includes:

  • Greg Robinson, President
    Convener of IEC TC57 Working Group 14 since its formation in 1997
  • Michael Covarrubias, VP Strategy and Solutions
    Vendor Co-Chair IEC CIM User Group
  • Shawn Hu, Principal Consultant
    Model Manager of OpenFMB


Black Sky Technology

Black Sky Technology provides business and solution architecture services that help organizations design and implement solutions that deliver tangible value to their organizations. Black Sky has been supporting Xtensible since 2018 with specialized digital practitioners in electrical utility data and integration architecture.



Urban Automation

Urban Automation provides system integration implementation services and software development services with a specialization in the creation of custom-fit & innovative user-centered web platforms, mobile applications and geospatial solutions. By using workflow, apps and maps Urban Automation provides creative and effective solutions to businesses and various levels of government.


ESRI, the global leader in geospatial information systems (GIS), has a robust partner network that continues to expand. Xtensible, has joined this network as a bronze partner. Xtensible is one of the premier standards-based strategic management consultancies that serve the utility industry. With their new metadata and semantic data model management platform, Affirma, hitting the market, and Xtensible’s growing leadership in Network Model Management Systems consulting, it seemed to be the right time to join this vibrant community.

Elia Grid International

Elia Grid International is a global consultancy company specializing in complex power system challenges. Their multidisciplinary team of experts offers strategic, technical, and regulatory advice in all fields related to power transmission, as well as a range of specialist solutions. EGI is an international company with offices in Brussels, Berlin, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Riyadh, and Bangkok, and have been successfully delivering projects in over 20 countries worldwide.

Sparx Systems logo

Sparx Systems

Xtensible partnered with Sparx Systems to deliver the MD3i Toolset through Sparx’s Enterprise Architect (EA). Allowing for the data modeling to be completed and maintained through the Sparx EA utilizing the MD3i methodology. The plug-in tool now can produce the resulting MD3i artifacts such as DDL’s, WSDL’s and other designs artifacts for help manage an enterprise integration platform. Xtensible has continued the relationship to progress the toolset of MD3i and influence the offerings of the Sparx EA tool.

Oracle logo Oracle

In 2013 Oracle and Xtensible partnered to develop the Oracle Utility Data Model (OUDM) which was based on Xtensible’s MD3i Framework for Enterprise Semantic Modeling and utility industry standards such as the CIM. Now Xtensible is partnered with Oracle to provide end-to-end solutions utilizing the OUDM from data management to enterprise wide analytic platform solutions.

Doble Engineering Company

Xtensible works closely with Doble Engineering Company, to ensure customers gain additional value from Doble test data by providing standards-based products, integration, and analytics services to accelerate access to Doble test data for use by 3rd-party enterprise business intelligence tools. Doble has endorsed Xtensible to support with the ingestion of Doble test data and usage of the Doble Database API. The Xtensible Asset Flex Module is an CIM standards-based data model, augmented with Doble data types, and integration microservices, to enable fast and efficient access to asset data. Other CIM subject areas such as meter, customer, network model, operations, etc. are supported.


Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions