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Utilities around the globe rely on Xtensible to build and execute on their future vision reached through digital transformation driven by their data. We work with our clients in a consultative manner or hands-on, through your entire journey or targeted projects, to help you reach your strategic business objectives. Our approach reduces overall risk, increases maintainability and reusability, and improves flexibility and scalability to support your future business needs.

Client Journey: Reimage the Grid for a Clean Energy Future

Foundation for Asset Management and the Future

This Xtensible utility client provides approximately 15 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles.  Xtensible has been part of their journey for more than 15 years. The services Xtensible has been asked to provide for vastly different projects include architecture, design, integration, analytics, and corporate strategy.

As a foundation, Xtensible worked with the utility to architect their Enterprise Analytics Platform. Approximately 10TB of data is now processed on a weekly basis.


The Need: The Utility searching to optimize operations by improved and efficient utilization of both data at rest and data in motion across the enterprise. Accomplished through a Common Information Model approach, supporting current and future business analytics.

The Result: Enterprise Asset Management provisioning of asset related data to business users for analytics and visualization, including real-time conditions, financial decisions, inventory, planning and procurement. Established a foundation for the enterprise.


Strategic Planning & Digital Transformation

Pursuing Asset Management Data

The Need: The Utility is wanting to articulate its strategic intent and determining the impact more clearly on its business model.

The Result: An enterprise-wide Grid Modernization Digital Transformation Roadmap addresses the needs of people, processes, and technology. Documented and understood plan that articulates the dependency between projects and programs.


The Need: The Utility wants to use their disparate asset related data for operations, maintenance, support, and financial decision making.

The Result: Data files where processed, including profiling and corrections, utilizing Xtensible developed IP, deposited in a standards-based data store for consumption by existing asset related applications, such as pro-active replacement strategy for assets, for ad hoc analytics, and for use by future use cases as the utility continues its modernization and innovation activities


Available Transfer Capability Modernized

Open Access to Energy Market

The Need: The Available Transfer Capability (ATC) methodology used in the region was developed several years ago and needs to be modernized based on regional, operational, and regulatory drivers.

The Result: Numerous internal and external systems are connected and coordinated based on IEC CIM and ENTSO-E standards.


The Need: To ensure grid reliability and efficiency, and upgrade of the entire information technology systems to position for the future.

The Result: Based on the IEC CIM and the Xtensible Model Driven Integration methodology, the design and integration of 22 systems provided by 7 vendors was completed.




Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions