TADA Service Models

Through over a decade of consulting and systems integration services to utilities worldwide using CIM standards and semantic-driven approach as the foundation, Xtensible Solutions has matured an approach that will guarantee the success of its implementation over the long term.

It is a multi-faceted and multi-tiered approach that can be tailored to each utility’s specific requirements and organizational structure.

This role helps a utility establish and deliver a consistent enterprise approach for integration and data management using applicable standards and best practices. Throughout our service engagements involving system integration or fulfilling the system integrator role, this is the approach we keep at the forefront.

Value of Our TADA Approach

More and more companies are being valued not just on tangible assets and revenue, but also on intangible assets, which include IT infrastructure, architecture, application functionality, process management and business agility. A loosely coupled, componentized architecture is a key building block for achieving this. TADA services will enable architecturally coherent components to be implemented at different times by different projects.


  • Achieves corporate strategic objectives without complicating projects
  • Reduces the overall risks of projects
  • Increases the maintainability and re-usability of project deliverables
  • Improves the flexibility and scalability of IT integration and data management to support future business needs.

Service Module 1: Establish Environment

Establish the standards-based, semantic driven enterprise integration and data management methodology, reference architecture, toolsets, governance and quality assurance capabilities.

  • Goals and Strategy
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure / Environment

Service Module 2: Design

Perform cross-project technical architecture & design activities and ensure consistent approach is applied across projects.

  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Build and Maintain the Enterprise Semantic Model (ESM)
  • Architecture, Analysis & Design Support

Service Module 3: Implementation

Engage with projects to perform technical analysis, design & assurance activities and be responsible for the related deliverables.

  • Technical Delivery Management
    • Requirements, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, ESM, Integration Development, Testing

Reap the Benefits:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Faster implementation with 25-50% improvement
  • Prevention of vendor and technology lock-in
  • Agile solutions facilitate (vs. hinder) business change as the market and regulatory environment evolve
  • True enterprise-wide business intelligence & reporting

Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions