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System Integration: Your Key to Smart Grid Success

One of the major factors that causes projects to fail is system integration. Why? Despite all the hype surrounding SOA, ESBs, APIs, MDM, ETL and EIM, they all mean nothing if you can’t make sense of your data. In order to successfully integrate systems, you must know what you are integrating and what that means to your utility.

What is the smart grid?

Similar in behavior to IoT (Internet of Things), the “smart grid” has become a main focus of utility companies. The smart grid is defined differently from company to company based on customer types, industry types, geography, regulations, commissions, board members and even shareholders. Though its description may vary, the common thread between smart grid initiatives, programs and projects is data. Data is what is used to provide information, to help proactively predict outcomes and essentially drive business decisions.

Examining the Root Cause of Project Failures

Data mapping and complexities are at the core of project failures. It is essential to take time to understand and ensure the proper methodology is in place, and works in accordance with your enforcement process (governance).

Without proper understanding of your data, you will be unable to effectively leverage data to make good business decisions. You will have a maintenance nightmare that is more costly over time with little chance to produce useful analytics in a timely manner, if at all.

What to do?

Be proactive: take action now.

At Xtensible Solutions, we know the road to a smart grid is paved with smart data. That is why we focus on one thing: helping utilities make sense of the data that drives smart grid operational efficiency, reliability and safety. Our services in system integration, data management and analytics give you the tools you need to avoid the pitfalls associated with bad data.

The key to effective system integration is understanding the data and knowing how to use it. Defining your data roadmap puts you on course to accomplish your smart grid strategy. Unsure where to start? Our experts are here to help you map out your smart grid strategy and understanding gaps in your data and integration.

Using this method in conjunction with toolsets such as the MD3i, enterprise integration solutions, the enterprise information management framework and the TADA approach help ensure success.


Interested in learning more about system integration? Speak to a member of the Xtensible team.


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