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Open Access To Energy Market


The electric grid is experiencing a historic transformation brought on by far-reaching environmental policies, regulatory changes, economics, consumer demands and the availability of advanced technologies. The electricity industry includes utilities, private power plant owners, and federal agencies, each playing a distinct role. This particular entity is charged with ensuring the safe and reliable transportation of electricity on the power grid and is looking to transform the grid in an environmentally responsible way. As the impartial grid operator, it has no financial interest in any individual segment ensuring fair and transparent access to the transmission network and market transaction.

Integration Competency Center

The entity Xtensible to support their multi-year program which involves several vendors, new systems, and numerous legacy systems.

Xtensible drove the development of the Integration Competency Center in support of the technology upgrades. For the integration framework the use of the CIM and the Xtensible Model Driven Integration (MD3i) methodology and toolset was used to define information exchanges.

Xtensible utilized the CIM to design and develop all the integration related to the market operations, network model and its exchange. The entity will achieve flexibility, scalability, and cost savings through the approach.


“With this many systems and vendors involved a consistent layers of data and services across the enterprise is a must.” says Harry Garton, VP of Professional Service at Xtensible, and the project manager.

The Xtensible focus is to support the utility industry in knowing, understanding, and integrating your data across the organization. We look at all aspect of the architecture to ensure that the future state architecture is successfully implemented from a people, process, and technology perspective to ensure that business value is realized.

What It Took

Xtensible worked with utility to accomplish integration systems in areas such as:

  • Dispatch System
  • MP Report Interface
  • Load Forecast
  • Transmission Capacity Calculator
  • Real Time Nodal System
  • Settlement and Market Clearing
  • Bid Interface and Validation
  • Forward Market Nodal System
  • Energy Management System
  • Default Energy Bids
  • Real Time Metering
  • Adjusted Metering
  • Market Participants
  • Interchange Scheduling System
  • Congestion Revenue Rights
  • Intermittent Resources
  • Compliance
  • RMR Validation
  • Generation Outage Scheduling
  • Transmission Outage Scheduling
  • Market Quality System (ATF updates)


Xtensible worked with the entity to design and integrate technology solutions sets from seven different vendors. The end solution Xtensible provided was a comprehensive CIM based data model and integration made up of:

  • Over 130 interactions between 22 systems
  • Over 75 message schemas
  • Over 175 services definitions
  • Over 450 published/ consumers testable data transfers, including external model change

What is Happening Next?

Currently the entity is tasked to support an enormous energy transition to modernize the way energy is produced and used to mitigate impact on public health and environment, today and for future generations.


  • MD3i
  • Siemens
  • Areva
  • ABB
  • Nexant
  • MCG
  • Potomac
  • Legacy Systems
Business Unit Involvement

  • Market Participants
  • Market Operations
  • Information Technology





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