As a way to guide the planning and management of the strategy project, the first step prior to the strategy project is the identification of the need for the strategy. A critical step of the strategy is the definition of EIM Framework, which serves as the foundation for the prioritization and detailed discussions of key components of the EIM Framework that will have significant impact and value.eimstrategy

Following these steps helps us:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what EIM is and what it is expected to accomplish within the organization
  • Establish a mission, vision and goals which will drive out the key sub components of the EIM framework that the strategy should focus on
  • Understand the current situation (i.e. projects, programs, pain points, etc.) and relate those to the main EIM sub-components area
  • Focus the development around the people, process and technology of key sub-components of the EIM framework to achieve the mission and vision
  • Develop a compressive road map with metrics to ensure success that is measurable


Model-Driven Information, Integration and Intelligence (MD3i) Framework

Migration to a modern EIM solution for data management is critical to the success of the smart grid. To facilitate enterprise implementation of EIM, Xtensible Solutions has developed the Model-Driven Information, Integration and Intelligence (MD3i) Framework that allows an enterprise to leverage industry standards and best practices while building the appropriate data management competencies. This data management framework is critical to the success of the smart grid as utilities are faced with managing much more data nearer to real time.


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