Utility data and software experts commit to a standards-based future

Xtensible Solutions and Open Grid Systems, a software and services company focused on model-driven engineering and open standards, have joined forces to provide standards-based integration and analytic solutions for utilities’ Network Connectivity Models. The initiative offers customers consulting expertise with a standards-based tool set to deliver network connectivity and grid operation insights.

“The power industry is rapidly evolving and requiring utilities to capture real-time insights from grid operations, including distributed energy resources (DER),” said Michael Covarrubias, director of market strategy and solutions at Xtensible. “Collaborating with Open Grid Systems will offer utilities a comprehensive, one-stop shop for integration needs and solutions, and provide a standards-based foundation for enterprise analytics for grid operations to support the utility of the future.”

Open Grid Systems offers a suite of flexible, standards-based products designed for utility workers to collect, manage, access and visualize critical grid information, including consolidated geographic information systems (GIS), network and asset health data. The company’s product suite includes the Cimphony and Grid suite of desktop, server and mobile applications, which support a centralized logic model of the network, with independent services including data management, data validation, model-driven data transformation, schematic visualization, open application interfaces, network editing and more.

Through this agreement, Xtensible will provide consulting, deployment and integration services around the Open Grid System solutions, including the capacity for a broader deployment and usage. Customers will be offered a standards-based approach for managing and analyzing their Network Connectivity Model. With the complimentary expertise of the two companies, they will deliver advanced insights and analytics into grid operations to support DER.

“Xtensible and Open Grid Systems have a long history of working together in the development of industry integration standards along with system implementations worldwide,” said Alan McMorran, managing director at Open Grid Systems. “We are very excited to work with Xtensible to provide modern, scalable solutions for the challenges faced by utilities in the smart-grid enabled world.”

About Xtensible Solutions
Xtensible Solutions focuses on helping utilities make sense of their data so they are optimally positioned to meet the business challenges of today and tomorrow. Xtensible is a driving force behind the model-driven development and implementation of open standards – such as IEC CIM, MultiSpeak and OpenFMB – that underpin current and future smart grid interoperability initiatives. Xtensible’s strategy is to provide semantic-based integration and information management solutions to the utility industry worldwide, supporting integration and enterprise analytics through Data Lakes and data management programs. For more information, visit xtensible.net and connect with us on LinkedIn.

About Open Grid Systems Ltd.
Open Grid Systems is a software and consultancy company providing services to the utility industry focused on model-driven software engineering, open standards and cutting-edge technologies. Open Grid Systems provides software solutions and expertise in the areas of mobile applications, data management, cloud-computing, information modelling, data transformation, data-exchange technologies, visualization and power system network analysis software. Visit our website at www.opengrid.com and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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