Xtensible Solutions understands that the road to a smart grid is paved with smart data. Our focus is to support the utility industry in knowing, understanding and integrating your data across the organization. This drives:

  • Business Value and Insights
  • Time to Market
  • Financial and Service Growth

Today’s utility enterprise is faced with an increasing demand for real-time integration, process automation and data insights. Smart Grid technology, the emergence of micro grids, residential generation and the growing possibilities around storage all have a single commonality: the data.

Ask yourself: How are you going to use your data, manage it and generate insights from it? How does it flow through your organization and what does it mean?

Xtensible will help you develop a consistent layer of data and services across the enterprise. With nearly two decades focused on the utility industry – combined with our MD3i Framework methodology and tool-set – we can help you drive business value and growth from your data.


Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions