Xtensible has partnered with Oracle to develop a Utility Enterprise BI and Analytics Solution to address the increasing demands of utility real-time analytics.

The solution combines Xtensible’s MD3i Framework with core technologies within Oracle’s Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse portfolios to meet challenges in big data and information interoperability across an enterprise. The solution is based on the leading utility industry model standard, the IEC Common Information Model (CIM), and draws from other relevant standards approved by the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP).

Utility Data Model

Utility Enterprise BI and Analytics Solution

  • Meter Data Analytics/Usage and Consumption Analytics
  • Customer Management Analytics
  • Strategic Asset Management Analytics
  • Operational Decision Support Analytics
  • Smart Grid Integrated Networks Management Analytics
  • Enterprise Performance Management Analytics

Key Components of the OUDM Solution

  • Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model (3NF & STAR Schemas)
  • Pre-build OLAP
  • Pre-built Mining Model
  • Intra ETL Among Schemas
  • Intra ETL for OLAP & Mining Workflow
  • Base with Reference & Aggregate
  • OBIEE Metadata
  • OBIEE Dashboard & Reports

Value-Added from Xtensible

  • MD3i Framework for Data Integration
  • Pre-Built Connectors for Selected Business Apps
  • Additional Analytical Reports, Models, etc.

Key Benefits to Utilities

  • More efficient and effective analytics implementation
  • Further enhances the performance and scalability of DW appliance
  • Further enables analytics across utility business domains
  • Scalable architecture and infrastructure as utilities expand your BI/DW footprint, thus reduce TCO for analytics implementation

Xtensible Solutions

Xtensible Solutions