Driving for Modernization in South America Utility

Client Engagement Background

Celsia and EPSA had started the process of definition and planning for the execution of a strategy in areas of smart grid and integrated systems for Generation, Transmission and Distribution. In support of these goals, EPSA has developed a “Modernization” vision and road map. The strategy requires the ability to support multi-company, multi-tenancy and multiple jurisdictions. The process of market expansion and support for new markets and customers must be scalable and repeatable.

Recognizing these business and IT drivers, EPSA has a goal to modernize their processes for Information and Technical Architecture. The development of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for integration technologies and establishing core competencies around them provide for a solid technical foundation for more scalable, manageable and repeatable integration across the enterprise.

Xtensible’s Involvement

Xtensible assisted with development of the EPSA Semantic Integration Roadmap, based on the recommended approach of implementing a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) for data integration at EPSA. The recommended approach of adoption and incremental build-out by project allows for the initial baseline to be defined based on the requirements of the first project. The roadmap defines the core areas to be addressed in that effort.

With Xtensible, EPSA institutionalized a model-driven semantic integration development methodology and process. This requires the definition and maintenance of a common enterprise semantic model (ESM) and the supporting system architecture to support it. This also includes ensuring compatibility with the selected vendor and architecture of the Enterprise Service Bus.

What’s Next?

EPSA is in the process of developing and planning out the next phase of the projects, which includes the implementation of the provided recommendations and supporting of a logical application and data architecture model as well as harmonizing the Model Driven Information, Integration, and Intelligence and Governance with EPSA Systems Development Life Cycle.